The Beginning…

He Says: …Well, not really the beginning of our journey but at least the beginning of our world trip. After South Dakota we drove straight for Ohio to see our friends and families before heading off. We spent almost two weeks at home and enjoyed it just as much as the rest of our trip. As always, it was great seeing everyone and we wish we had more time with you but the road trip went a little longer than we planned…plus we drank too much with all of you. 🙂

The last 3 months have been so much more than what we expected…but I guess we expected that. We saw many amazing, beautiful, wonderful things and some we could’ve done without. We met plenty of interesting people and had just as many deep conversations. We also had our share of arguments with each other…but I think we expected that too. The key to enjoying it all?

Appreciation. Appreciation for the people in our lives who are with us for the long run; appreciation for the random, interesting people we meet but will never see again; appreciation for the opportunities we all have that need only acted upon; and, of course, appreciation for the time we have to enjoy it all.

Life is filled with endless possibilities….all we have to do is make a decision to move in the direction we want. Your life’s goal could be to travel or anything else. Whatever it is, all it takes is a decision. It’s so easy when you think of it like that. Try not to complicate it. 🙂

Please follow our adventures and leave comments on the blog as we go along. If our paths happen to cross somewhere along the way it would be a pleasure hanging with you.

Right now, we’re sitting at the airport ready to depart on our next adventure – first stop, Dominican Republic! 🙂

She Says: Wow, I can’t believe 3 months flew by so quickly! I hope the year abroad doesn’t do the same, but I am sure it will.  I really need to figure out how to make a living while travelling because I don’t want to stop.

Appreciation is the key.  I tried to teach John this in Afghanistan.  Just ask his employees 🙂  He made fun of me at first but I think he really gets it now.  There is so much to appreciate. J and I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity and be doing what we are doing. I truly encourage all who can, and there are many of you, to do some extended travel.  If only in the U.S. The National Parks were amazing!  I can’t stress how much people need to go out west and visit our National Parks.  My new motto is “Skip the beach. Go to a National Park”.  I have it patented so don’t even think about stealing it ;).

So here we are delayed at Dayton Airport eating an omlette.  We will not make it to the resort until 6 hrs later than planned.  But who cares..we will make it there and that is all that matters right?  As long as you make it to your destination.

Please if you want to escapte the U.S. or day to day life come visit us somewhere.  As of now all we have planned is the Dominican, Kodiak Island- Alaska, and New Zealand.  Everything else is open road and we take suggestions.  We promise a good time 🙂

4 responses to “The Beginning…

  1. Safe travels… I’m excited to follow along with you as you see the world – what an amazing decision!!! Sounds like a blast

  2. I am already having anxiety thinking about another year I cant call you whenever I want!!!!! You guys have fun and I know I will meet you somewhere along the way! LOVE YOU

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