A good start in the Dominican Republic

He Says: Writing this from LAX while we wait for our next flight to Anchorage, AK. We just spent the last 6 days at the Viva Wyndam all-inclusive resort, Dominicus Beach, in the Dominican Republic. I’ll be the first to admit that I was totally wrong about the whole all-inclusive thing. There was a time when I said they sounded boring because if I was going to travel somewhere I wanted to get out and explore the place….well I’ve seen the error of my ways.

The package we got was a wellness program that included all these different activities, health food, etc…yeah that never happened. We bummed around nearly the entire time (except for one day we kayaked for about an hour) laying out by the pools and on the beach and enjoyed all the free alcohol and food we could handle…which was a lot. We even got to watch a Madonna cover concert that seemed more like a drag show. I told TB I thought it was more entertaining than the Criss Angel show in Vegas.

The place was overrun with Italians who, except for the few who looked like they were fresh off MTV’s Jersey Shore, were pretty nice. We also ran into a few girls from Columbus and met a great couple from Florida with one of the best behaved two year olds I’ve ever met (thanks for all the kisses, Kelsey!).

The morning of our last day we tried to get on the internet to see if Hurricane Irene would cancel our flight but for whatever reason it wasn’t working. Most of the resort had shut down to brace for the storm so we did the only other thing we could do….we welcomed Irene to the Dominican Republic with plenty of Presidente. 🙂 After way too many drinks (and a bruised elbow) we staggered our way back to the room and eventually made it to dinner.

Our shuttle to the airport was scheduled to pick us up at 0140 so after eating we went back to the room and packed up. By this point Irene was bearing down and flooding most of the resort. Once it was time to checkout and head to the airport there was nearly two feet of water in the street. Luckily our driver was still able to make it out and get us there with no issues. I think when we got to the airport was right about when I sobered up….yes, I see plenty more all-inclusive resorts in my future.

Alright, we have a flight to catch. Bye bye, white sandy beaches and clear blue water. Hello, cold rainy mountains. 🙂

She Says:  Thank you Living Social!! The DR deal was found on Living Social and it was a great deal!  The resort was absolutely beautiful! I think the beaches there were prettier than any in Hawaii.  The food was also pretty good.  I imagine because we didn’t stick to the healthy stuff :). Our first restaurant was right on the beach and seemed like a date taken right off of the Bachelor..haha.

Americans there were few and far between.  I am sure J did not mind as many of the women had thong bottoms and went topless.  Speedos on the other hand do absolutely nothing for me.  We were fortunate and found a couple of young American girls and a really awesome couple to hang out with.  Vivian, Troy, and Kelsey were a great time.  J and I even had drunk conversations about having children after hanging with them.  Neither of us are ready but we just adored Kelsey.  So thanks Vivian and Troy for showing us that there are well behaved 2 yr olds out there!!

The Hurricane was a bit of a scare.  Not because of safety, but because we thought we might be stranded.  And to make matters worse, I couldn’t find my purse which had my passport in there! Oh man, what a heart palpatation I got when I thought it was gone.  We sat in the hotel lobby for at least an hour waiting for them to see if anyone turned it in.  This was after I trudged through a couple feet of water going from restaurant to restaurant to see if I may have left it.  This also occurred just hours before our shuttle to the airport.  Luckily they found it. What a relief!!

We made it out just fine and loved every minute of it.  The tropical storm made it all the more exciting.  I am super excited to get to Kodiak and see the bears–and my cousin Judi!!

Arriving to the resort

La Playa, aka the BEACH!

Breakfast View

One of the many pools

On our way to dinner

Dinner locale

Our table

Hotel Lobby as the storm rolls in

About to take the shuttle to the airport. I can't believe we made it out!

4 responses to “A good start in the Dominican Republic

  1. Sounds like the DR was an awesome experience, young sojourners. Perhaps it wasn’t what you had anticipated or hoped for, which then should give you more food for thought, for if life were predictable and able to be planned to a T, how boring.

    By now you’re possibly on a caribou or grizzly expedition by way of a dog sled, all of which will tell you more about you. Remember your time in the Zen Zone and go back to that when things seem amiss or go awry.

    Will need to watch an episode of Northern Exposure. All good.

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