Here we go! First stop Mammoth Caves, Ky

She Says:  So we are off and running.  Packing went fairly smoothly–rain held off long enough for us to get it all in there without getting too wet.  However, the rain continued pretty much our whole way until Mammoth Cave National Park.  We made it there in good time, thanks to my impeccable navigational skills (thank you Army).  Once we got to the campsite everyone around us was building fires.  There were a couple pieces of firewood left at our site so we figured we would give it a shot.  I gathered some twigs for kindling and attempted to build a fire while John got the camp grill going for our hot dogs we were going to have for dinner.  Apparently there was a leak in the propane gasket going from the grill to the propane can and there was no salvaging it.  I really wanted a hot dog…so John said we could cook them on the fire.  GREAT!!  Well, the wood was wet and not catching.  We had no newspaper, no lighter fluid, and no dry wood; but guess who continued to try and light a fire for 20 more minutes.  One hint:  It wasn’t me.  Yes– so John continued on while I got hungrier and hungrier.  I kept telling him the wood wouldn’t light because it was wet, but he was determined so in the meantime I just made lunch meat sandwiches knowing full well that we weren’t going to have hot dogs.  It was cute watching him try so hard 🙂

He Says: Yes we’re finally off and finally made it past the rain today. Mammoth Cave wasn’t too bad but it definitely sucked trying to light a fire with damp wood. Guess I figured it wouldn’t matter they were wet since I was using a blow torch. 🙂

We saw a “21May2011 dooms day” RV today and I’m wondering if the owner is still going to drive it around on Sunday. That’ll be embarassing…

Our shirts, John didn't want me to post this, haha.

TB & J

Our first campsite

Our luxurious bed for the next couple months. Don't knock it, its surprisingly comfortable.

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