Mullah Gee

Named after Gordon Gee, president of OSU, Mullah Gee is our travel companion following us around the US and the world while partaking in all of our adventures. He’s a mischievous gnome who loves getting in trouble and picking up tall women. He’s short in stature but lives larger than life….our kind of guy. 🙂

Trippy... - Prague, Czech Republic

Saving it for later - Prague

Beer and sausage, everything a gnome needs - Prague

About to get medieval on yo' ass. - Prague, Czech Republic

Gnome at Work - Bratislava, Slovakia

hmmm... - Vienna, Austria

By the museums in Vienna.

Bread and veggie spread...yummm - Vienna, Austria

St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest, Hungary

Riding around the city - Parliament, Budapest, Hungary

Overlooking the Danube - Gellert Hill, Budapest, Hungary

Motor-boatin son-of-a-bitch. 🙂 - The Opera House, Budapest, Hungary

A little hero - Heroes' Square, Budapest, Hungary

Waiting for the sunset. 🙂 - Santorini, Greece

Checking out the scenery in Oia, Santorini.

Taking the ferry to Santorini.

The Oracle of Mullah - giving advice and making prophecies for 3000 years.


Among the gods at the Parthenon.

Live at the Acropolis! Sophia, Bulgaria.

Among the ancient Roman ruins in Efes, Turkey.

Our hotel gave me this homemade Turkish doll for my b-day. By default, she became Mullah's girlfriend. A little wine helped them along the way. 🙂

Mullah loved this camel's beard. So did I. 🙂

Hot-air ballooning in Cappadocia, Turkey.

After a few months disappearance, Mullah reappears in Cappadocia, Turkey. We think the cone shaped rock formations inspired him. 🙂

Catching some rays while island hopping in Thailand.

His own private lagoon at Emerald Cave in Thailand.

Gnomes and butterflies love each other. - Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

Mullah was a little jealous of the gold plating. - Batu Caves, Malaysia

Is that a banana in your hat, or are you just happy to see me? - Monkey Forest, Bali, Indonesia

Having a beer after the long and scary motorbike ride in Bali.

Stopping at all the tourist spots on the North Island.

They said not to feed the Kea but we couldn't help ourselves. 🙂

This combie we found on the beach matched his attire perfectly.

So we were pulling up crab pots and to our surprise found Mullah. I think this is the one we lost in Florida off the Gulf of Mexico. 🙂

Fishing for dinner in Onemana.

At 90 Mile Beach after he found out the Buckeyes lost. 😦

Stopping for fish n' chips on our way to Pawarenga.

Wine-tasting in Auckland at Villa Maria.

At the Viaduct for the opening ceremonies of the Rugby World Cup in Auckland, NZ

Our hotel at Denali National Park.

Touring and tasting at the Kodiak Brewery

Hanging out with some new friends on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Mt. Rushgnome, SD

Crazy Gnome, SD

Gnome's Tower, WY

Old Faithful, Yellowstone National Park, WY

A relaxing day of rafting on the Missouri. Thanks Mike!

The Sip & Dip in Great Falls, MT - yes that's a mermaid

Crater Lake National Park, OR....bbuurrrrrr

Sequoia National Park, CA

Grand? Not for this guy...

Go get 'em, Mullah

He almost won big in Sin City but ended up passing out call-cards for hookers to make some extra cash. 😦

Arches National Park

Plummeting to earth at 120 mph.

The highest gnome in the world.

White Sands National Monument

What happens in Roswell, NM......never happened.

You don't want to know what he had to do to get the beads. (New Orleans)

The Most Interesting Gnome in the World

mmmm...Georgia peaches

The Biltmore. Living in luxury....and under cherub balls....

You better watch out. He'll sting you with his pointy gnome hat.

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  1. I love this site…it’s just like taking the trip with you. And Mullah Gee is a hoot!!!!!



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