Mountain Retreat – Zen Buddhism style

She Says: We arrived to Uncle Jerry’s right in time for a delicious spaghetti dinner and a cold beer.  The drive through the mountains to his mountain home was beautiful and reminded me of the first time I saw Mountains in Germany.  My wife knows the story….. J had given me a little background of his uncle about being very philosophical and a good conversationalist so I was excited to meet him.  Jerry did not let me down.  For the next four days we had nothing but good conversations on life, philosophy, religion, happiness, relationships, etc.  In all honesty I think coming here early on in our trip was how our trip was supposed to start.  For the first part of our trip we had to rush around in order to make prior commitments.  After New Orleans we were pretty much in the clear and could start taking our time.  Coming here and firstly enjoying the cool, fresh, mountain air — gave us some breathing time.  We both were able to reevaluate what we want from this trip and from life in general.  Jerry has been a perfect mentor for this.  He posed questions for us, cited some literature and philosophy and got our brains spinning.  Not to mention we ate extremely healthy so we cleansed our bodies as well :).

Although Jerry runs about 40 miles or so a week, maybe more..I was in no shape to join him even though I may be half his age.  I admire him and I think its great, that just isn’t in my cards yet.  So he took us for a hike instead and that is more my style.  The hike was absolutely beautiful despite trudging through a foot or more of snow on occasion. The next  couple days was more of the same.  Outdoor activities, good engaging conversations and great fresh food.  Our last day J and I took a trip up to Boulder to check it out.  As you know part of this U.S. trip is to find a settling down place for us.  Boulder may have taken the cake so far.  It was a smaller city with a college town feel.  It wasn’t too “city-like” and definitely not congested with traffic.  It had the mountains surrounding it and had tons of neat cafes, restaurants and shops.  It also had nice outskirts with houses that had land unlike what we had seen in Colorado Springs and Denver.  I think Denver was just too big for me and the traffic was miserable.  So yes Boulder goes to the top of our list, but we still have much to see.

Now we head to some more serenity in the National Parks of Utah.  Jerry gave us large reading lists and since we will be camping most of the time we have lots of time to read.  Thanks Uncle Jerry for everything!  You were an amazing host and we look forward to either living close to you or visiting you again soon!  Maybe even seeing you in Scotland 🙂

He Says: Need I say more?

I think TB summarized our time in Georgetown perfectly. We cleansed our bodies, enjoyed the mountains, met some wonderful people and had great conversations the entire time…everything a mountain retreat should be. We’re leaving Colorado with minds and bodies refreshed and a better perspective of what our travels should be. Now, we just have to remember what we learned for the next year. 🙂

Thanks for everything, Uncle Jerry!

PS…Marty, we had a wonderful time at your party and hope to do it again. Thanks!

Hiking up the Mountain

Uncle Jerry and John

Lots of snow!!

Us 🙂

On our walk to town.

Downtown Boulder

5 responses to “Mountain Retreat – Zen Buddhism style

  1. When one leaves him/herself open to the currents of the universe, into his/her life gifts show themselves in ways that can befuddle the mind. The key is to observe, to take note, and to express gratitude.

    Tami and John are a gift to those who appreciate a zestful life. Their youthful energy, their willingness to explore and be open to new ideas, vistas, and perspectives—to go down the rabbit hole of life—is refreshing. It reinforces my innate Aquarian optimism about the life well-spent, not in the pursuit of earthly treasure or bound by the chains of mindless orthodoxy and fear of the unknown but in pursuit of happiness by exploring the mysteries of the cosmos.

    For years I taught about the trove of this world, this earth, and urged my students to far more than mimic Thoreau. John and Tami are doing just that in ways that boggle the mind. The beauty of it all is they are not just enjoying themselves; they are also learning.

    It’s important to remember life’s events, those that in hindsight can be seen as turning points, are not coincidental but synchronistic. They are part of the web of one’s life, full of meaning for the quiet observer and to be valued far greater than any material object including one’s weight in gold.

    Thank you, young sojourners, for sharing your time and story, and your energy and passion. While those of us in the bleachers look forward to watching your journey unfold, remember it is you who should serve as your ultimate observers.

    My home and my garden anticipate your return. Namaste.

  2. TB&J Dad & I are enjoying the accounts of your trip, and your photos very much. Keep them comming !!! Love Mom.
    Dad said he is sooo glad you are learning all the things he’s tried to teach you through the years. Dad said : Can you hear me now ???


  3. You are good parents now that you are reading the blog. We are in Vegas and I am wishing you were here so you (mom) could go to the thunder down under with me and J wishes dad were here to accompany him to Fantasy…next time. Love you too!

  4. I remeber the tears in your eyes when you saw your first mountain. I also remember a few tears were shed during our Germany orientation class with Frau Meyer. You were so overwhelmed thinking about our year in Europe. Ahhhh we do have some amazing memories!

    Next July…we will make a trip to Vegas for your 30th…and Thunder From Down Under will be our first stop 😉 YAY I cant wait to see you in a few weeks!!! Love you both and cant wait to read more!

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