Yellowstone and Close Encounters

He Says: The U.S. road trip is slowly coming to an end but we still have a few more stops. We left Livingston, MT early morning and drove south to Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone didn’t have the hiking we were used to and enjoyed at some of the other parks but we did go on one short hike and found our own private geyser. It wasn’t as big as Old Faithful but it erupted continuously and no one else was around so I think we enjoyed it more. Other than the short hike we saw several of the hot springs throughout the park. They were otherworldly and all reeked of sulfur. At first I thought it was the eggs we ate for breakfast but thankfully I was wrong….at least that’s what I tell myself. 🙂

The geysers, hot springs and scenery were beautiful but I think our favorite part was the wildlife. Everywhere we went we saw elk and deer. We caught a black bear hanging out in some shrubs and saw a grizzly playing with some dead trees. On our drive out of the park we saw too many bison to count and had to wait for a few of them to clear the road before we could keep driving. TB was dying to see one up close so she definitely got her wish. 🙂

Seeing that the Tetons would’ve been almost 8 hours out of our way we decided to save those for next time. We headed east out of Yellowstone and drove straight to Devil’s Tower. We made it there early in the evening and had enough time to walk around and watch some climbers making their way down the cliff face. I think TB’s favorite part was getting pics of the prairie dogs in the fields around the park. I was waiting for a UFO or Richard Dreyfus to appear somewhere around the tower but no luck. 🙂

She says:  I had no idea how much of a wildlife enthusiast I was until we started going to all these National Parks!  It’s a challenge seeing them, kind of like playing Where’s Waldo 🙂  I have gotten almost every wish with regards to wildlife with the exception of Mountain Lions which we almost got to see at Glacier, almost..

Yellowstone was neat and definitely had an otherworldly feeling to it.  I agree with J.  The best part was our private geyser viewing.  It was crazy the amount of Bison we saw when leaving the park.  They were all over!!  Just walking along the street as though it’s normal.  And it probably is for them, but for us to see it was completely amazing.

Devil’s Tower was great to see as well.  The best part for me may have been the prairie dogs.  They were everywhere, and would get pretty close, so we got some good pics!  A UFO sighting would have been a good way to wrap up the day…oh well.  Off to South Dakota!


Along our Hike to the geyser

Our private geyser

Up close and personal

Old Faithful

Infiniti pool? 😉

I wish I could get in there...

Buffalo on the road

The elks taking a nap

Leaving Yellowstone

Devil's Tower

num num num..

They are so cute!

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