Glacier National Park and MonFreakinTana!

She says:  After Spokane it was off to Glacier National Park.  Glacier was absolutely beautiful. Between the mountains, the lakes and the wildlife, it just doesn’t get much better.  I finally got to see the Big Horn Sheep that I have been wanting to see since Arches.  It pretty much made my trip.  And he looked right as me as if we were connected.  I told J I must have been a big horn sheep in another life :).  We also saw mountain goats, marmots, and Elk.  We also happened to go on a monster hike…The Sperry Chalet Trail.  I still do not know how we did it.  It was 13 miles but 6.5 were straight up.  I mean 60% grade…okay maybe not that bad but we did think it was tougher than hiking up the Grand Canyon.  We made it back down safely and rewarded ourselves, of course, with two draft beers and a nice dinner.  We were beat! We went back to camp drank too much wine and went to bed.

After Glacier it was off to Great Falls to see Michael Tom.  We love Michael Tom.  He is our light in the dark, our icing on the cake, John’s heterosexual life get the idea.  Our first night we went bar hopping and went to a bar with a mermaid in a tank.  It was very unique.  There was also a 9o year old lady (Pat) on the piano.  The next day we went rafting.  Well more like drifting.  We had multiple holes in our raft so that made for a fun day.  We ended up meeting random people, we got caught in a storm, lost a camera, cliff jumped, and who knows what else. It was an eventful day and it was great!  Thanks Michael Tom for a great stay!

He Says: Like TB said, Glacier NP was absolutely beautiful. The majesty of the mountains, the serenity of the lakes, the bright green rivers…I could go on and on. We definitely underestimated the hiking here but were pleasantly surprised. When we picked the Sperry Chalet trail we imagined it was a leisurely stroll along a river and some minor inclines. After 6.5 miles straight up and trudging through snow we realized it wasn’t exactly what we expected. 🙂 It kicked our asses to say the least but there was no way it would stop us from our ceremonial draft beer. All of it together made it one of my favorite camping/hiking stops of the entire trip.

After three days exploring the park we made our way over the continental divide and arrived in Great Falls, MT. This would be a horrible place to live if it wasn’t for one thing….Michael Tom. Mike showed us everything Great Falls had to offer, which wasn’t much. My favorite part? The mermaid swimming in a tank behind the bar at Sip & Dip. But the best part about hanging with Mike was definitely rafting. We had a blast meeting some random people who were enjoying their drinks as much as we were along the river. Luckily they had a patch kit that saved us from constantly pumping air into the raft and sinking. We found a 35 ft. cliff at some point and, of course, had to jump off it. Mike and I had the genius idea of using his waterproof camera to get video but I don’t think anyone is ever going to see it. I was tasked with holding the camera for my jump and I actually made it the first time but, like the cameraman I am, didn’t feel like the video was good enough. I took the camera up again but this time it was ripped from my hand as soon as I hit the water….sorry Mike. Someone will enjoy that video someday. 😦

Next stop Yellowstone.

Driving to Glacier

The Continental Divide



The Mountain goats!

Goose Island and Jackson Glacier

Hike to Avalanche lake

Water doesn't get much prettier.

Avalanche Lake

J at the top of Sperry Chalet Trail (The edge of the world) 😉

My Big Horn Sheep!!

J cooking us breakfast :p

J and MT

@the Sip & Dip aka Mermaid Bar. Yes that is a real girl in that tank.

Meeting our new friends

The Three Musketeers!

The Boys

The crew getting ready to weather the storm

J cliff jumping (He was trying to video his jump and dropped Mike's camera in the water during the fall)

J feeling bad about losing Mike's Camera 😦 HAHA

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