Washington and AmandaRu

He Says: There were a few places we originally planned on stopping in Washington but time is running short on this road trip. So instead of our usual round-about driving we drove straight for TB’s wifey and her husband’s place in Tacoma. We hung out with their family the first night, enjoyed the good company and like many nights on this trip, we drank plenty of wine and beer.

After over two months of spending 24 hours a day together TB and I decided it was time get away from each other. 🙂 The next day Rudy and I had our man day while TB and her wifey had their girls’ retreat. My day started off shooting clay pigeons with a tactical shotgun. For my first time I think I did pretty well. I definitely had a great time as could be seen by the big bruise on my shoulder. After that we went fly fishing and although we didn’t catch anything it was very relaxing. Once we were done with that we bought two twelve packs, went back to their house and drank outside in the beautiful weather until the ladies returned from their retreat. I can’t think of a better way to spend a man-day. Shooting a shotgun, fly fishing and relaxing outside with a beer in your hand. Well I guess we could’ve gone to a strip club….next time Rudy. 🙂

Next, we headed to Spokane in eastern Washington to tour Gonzaga University. TB is looking into a Master’s program there so we decided to explore the city, check out the campus and talk to some of the faculty. It’s a bigger city with a small-town feel and has a great “vibe”. I don’t think I enjoyed it quite as much as TB but there’s plenty to do there and plenty of outdoor activities. She’s excited for this program and I’m excited for her. It’ll definitely be a great program for her. Love ya baby!

She Says: Well we had been out to Seattle a couple times now to visit with the wife and Rudy.  So we had seen a lot of Seattle before.  Therefore, skipping the sightseeing to hang out with Amanda and Rudy didn’t bother me at all.  In fact I preferred it :).  It was good to get a chance to have girl time and I know john LOVED having some man time.  We already know that when we settle down that will be an essential key to keeping our relationship fresh and healthy.  Amanda and I took bella to the park to swim, watched trashy reality tv, got massages and picked Rudy up a bottle of wine.  After about two bottles the night before we opened up his beloved bottle of Barbera..Ooops! 🙂  We came home to find the boys sitting out back drinking some beer.  Go figure!  We had a great time.  Thanks Rumanda!

Spokane..yes I actually really liked the town.  It was a bigger city with the small town feel like John said.  Hardly any traffic, beautiful river flowing right through the city, lots of theater and art venues.  It didn’t have quite the same vibe as Boulder, but unfortunately Boulder does not have the Master Program I want.  We met with some faculty and it got me really excited about the program.  It seems like it was tailored for me and I couldn’t put together a more perfect fit if I tried.  So hopefully I get in :).  J was a great sport tagging along, thanks babe!  So we may end up here when we get back for a couple of years then J gets to pick where we go after that.. I think that is fair.  I feel a little better considering there are about 5 ski resorts within 2 hrs and lots of lakes.  That will keep J content I think.  Now off to visit Michael Tom!

Rudy and Bella

Bella is obsessed with big sticks..

How we found the boys when we arrived home

So my wife and didn't take pics this time around, but this is us in Tacoma from a previous visit

Will download pics from Spokane soon…..

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