Texas: Si hablo Ingles ;)

She Says:  Sad to leave New Orleans but anxious to get away from the humidity, we made our way to the Lone Star state.  Our first stop was Galveston Island.  We took a nice ferry ride over and settled down into the only camping site on the island.  We came after hours so we couldn’t check in but the site was pretty empty; we set up our tent and settled in..until about 930pm when a truck rolled up saying we were in their campsite  stating they had made reservations 2 months ago.  Ooops okay we will move to the next open one.  So J and I picked up our tent moved about 20 ft and settled back in….until 1030 when the park ranger came and tried to kick us out because yet again we were in another reserved site.  He said we would have to leave and there was no other campsites.  I gave a sob story which didn’t seem to work so then J started throwing around stuff and kicking things and the ranger finally said “well do you guys only plan to stay the night”, yes sir just the night we will pack up first thing tomorrow, “fine you can stay.”  And that was that.  He walked away and we got to stay.  I was happy but since when did a male temper tantrum beat a girl’s sob story??  I guess times are changin.

We went to the beach the next day and soaked up some sun before heading to Austin.  We loved Austin!  It is our favorite city thus far.  It was a big city with a small city feel.  It was really clean and had a great music scene.  It was hot, but not humid which was good.  We met up with J’s cousin Todd and grabbed a nice cold one and watched the Mav’s beat the Heat.  This made me happy.  Now if only we could beat the heat (110 F) Come on Texas cool off already!  We stayed the night in a hotel, HELLO AC!  The next day we went to a really cool natural spring pool located right outside the city.  Crystal clear water at a mild 68 F.  We didn’t want to leave….

He Says: It wasn’t quite a tantrum but it was pretty close. Don’t ask questions. Just appreciate that it worked and we didn’t have to leave that night. 🙂 Austin was an amazing city and was cool to see my cuz, Todd, after who knows how many years. Todd, we’ll definitely be heading to Austin again and will hang with you a little longer than we did this time.

After Austin we made our way to San Antonio where, low and behold, it was extremely hot.While in the city we checked out the Alamo and enjoyed learning some history. David Crockett was a badass. After the Alamo we did the River Walk and hated the heat some more. It was nice but I wish we could’ve been there for some kind of special event when things are a little more hoppin’.

Our first plan was to head south to Big Bend National Park after San Antonio but after checking the weather we moved to plan B. We headed west and stopped in Balmorhea State Park to enjoy some more natural spring pools. The water was the perfect temperature and crystal clear. That was our last stop in Texas…the plan is to stay in hotels until we make our way into normal temperatures again. 🙂

Texas, you can take that heat and shove it up your Rio Grande.

Kemah Boardwalk near Galveston

State House in Austin

J's cousin Todd and us

Natural Spring Pool in Austin

It was pretty close to the city

TB & J at the spring pool

Canyon Lake ( On our way to San Antonio)

Our lodging while in San Antonio. We beat the heat by taking a dip in the pool right before going to bed.


"Remember the Alamo"



More serene part of the Riverwalk


Another Spring pool in Balmorhea State Park. We really like these!!





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