New Orleans

She says: On our way to New Orleans we stopped to see some of my long time friends, Nadia and Clay.  I had not seen either of them for about 8 years so it was long overdue.  I also got to see their two beautiful children.  We showed up and they were ready and waiting for us–in their workout clothes. Hello P90X. I have actually missed you since doing insanity :).   We spent most of the day catching up and playing with the kids. Nadia did our hair and let us do laundry. We got some yummy bbq and called it a night knowing we were heading to NOLA the next morning.  Thank you Nadia and Clay for your wonderful southern hospitality!

We got into New Orleans around 4pm.  My father was already buzzed.  Way to go dad– he always beats me these days, I can’t even keep up.  We had some bbq shrimp at Deanies and went home pretty early.  I was really tempted to stay out.  There were live jazz bands playing out on the streets, people walking around already drunk in the daylight, and all kinds of colorful drinks in peoples hands.  We went to the hotel, my father pouting the entire way home.  It’s okay dad, I promise we will go out tomorrow night..

And we did!  Nadia, Clay, Dave and his gf Adrienne all came down to New Orleans for a beer tasting event, and beer taste we did!  We had 3 hrs of unlimited beer tasting of 150 beers.  We also had free food, to include voodoo chips.  They were amazing!  We all had a blast and headed to Bourbon St. afterwards.  We got the infamous “Grenade” drink. It was awful, don’t get it–stick with the Hurricanes.  The rest of the week we strolled town, listened to some bands, and sweated a lot.  I hate humidity.  We also visited the Mardi Gras museum and a Rum Distillery.  Despite a little unexpected hail storm…All in all we give New Orleans a thumbs up!  It had lots of character, charm, and alcohol.

He Says: Yes, lots of character, lots of charm and LOTS of alcohol. It almost feels like New Orleans is alive when you’re walking down the streets. You can feel a pulse, smell the sweat and hear the music. It was a great experience. Seeing all the artwork and listening to the great tunes was amazing. Tami had a blast the whole time. I had a blast all the way until about 2am the morning we were leaving. After 4 Firefly Sweet Tea vodkas on the rocks, 1 beer, 1 hurricane and 3 cherries soaked in 190 proof alcohol for a month my stomach couldn’t take it anymore. I woke up puking all over myself and the sheets. Luckily I had TB to take care of me like a little baby. 🙂 I woke up again at 5am not really knowing what was going on. I was sober enough to see TB had removed all the sheets from the bed and was sleeping as far away from me as possible. The alcohol wasn’t giving up on me yet so I spent the next hour sitting in front of the toilet then taking a long hot bath. Eventually, my headache went away long enough for me to fall back asleep. Then, I woke up around 830am and had a nice long day of driving to look forward to. I will always love you N’Awlins. 🙂

Me and Vera

John reading Charlie a bedtime story.

Nadia and I--- and the only appropriate welcome into New Orelans, a hurricane!

The gang at Pat O's

A true New Orleans Feast, the best was free!!

The Fam at the International Beer Tasting

Mullah Gee making a celebrity appearance with the bagpipe band...

TB & J before the beer tasting

Good times!

What is New Orleans without beads

Surprised John with a painting class. This is what we came up with--not too bad 🙂

Well hello Mr. Mardi Gras!

Had to get the whole family..

Mullah Gee Rum tasting. He has quite the tolerance considering his stature.

One response to “New Orleans

  1. We loved looking at places we were at last year. You two look like you are having a good time,you two were there alot younger than we were, keep up the good times, Juanita and Larry Boyer

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