New Mexico and Colorado

He Says: Hello New Mexico, Colorado and moderate weather. It was still hot in New Mexico but not nearly as bad or humid. First stop was the Carlsbad Caverns where we enjoyed the huge stalactites and stalagmites….much better than Mammoth Caves National Park. The caverns were huge and beautiful. Unfortunately, the area outside the caves was totally scorched by wild fires. After spelunking we headed straight for Alamogordo and the White Sands National Monument. If anyone is ever in that area I highly recommend checking it out. The endless snow-white dunes were almost surreal. TB took pictures of me being a kid again and running around barefoot everywhere. 🙂

The next day we headed northeast for Roswell and there we found out what really happened in 1947. Aliens are real and there was definitely a government coverup….but other than that there’s not much see in the UFO capitol of the USA.

After our close encounter we drove North and stopped in Santa Fe. Great city with a great vibe and lots of artsy stuff. I think TB and I were both surprised by how cool and chill the city was.  We checked out a whole bunch of art galleries and best of all saw lots and lots….and lots…of jewelry. I think TB was in heaven. 🙂 For now it’s high on the list of possible cities to settle down (Sorry mom – it’s a long way from Ohio). We escaped some more wildfires in the Santa Fe mountains and headed farther North to Colorado Springs, CO and hung out with our Mexican midget friend – Monica, thanks for the excellent hospitality. We had a blast and will definitely be back. We hiked 2100 ft. of almost straight up incline in Manitou Springs then walked around the downtown area and had some great crepes; we checked out the Garden of the Gods and hiked again in Red Rock Canyon; we drove 19 miles up one of the most dangerous roads I’ve ever been on to Pikes Peak; we (including Mullah Gee) jumped from airplanes 14,000 ft. up; we walked across Royal Gorge on one of the highest suspension bridges in the world; and, best of all drank YARDS of beer. 🙂 One of the funnest weeks I’ve had in a long time.

Next stop, Georgetown, CO to hang out with a mountain man.

She Says:  Yes it was nice to escape the heat of Texas.  Calrsbad caverns were awesome.  Yes, way better than Mammoth in terms of scenery.  It was closed for a couple of days before we got there and had just opened up the day before.  It was sad to see what the wildfires had done.  The ranger said that so far the fire had burnt 34,000 acres!!  So please do your best to prevent wildfires and listen to Smokey the Bear.  White Sands was really neat as well.  It was dune after dune of white sand in the middle of nowhwere.  John definitely became a kid again and I practically had to drag him out.  There were some people there sledding down the dunes and sand boarding, pretty darn cool.  Santa Fe- what a surprise that was.  It was in the foothills and just stunning when you drive in.  Everything there is real rustic and gives the impression that it hasn’t changed in the last 200 years.  Apparently it is the 2nd biggest city in terms of Art next to NY.

Then we were off to see Monica in Colorado!!  We arrived early evening and Monica  and Jon although extremely exhausted having done the incline, built a grill, shopped and cleaned; had nothing but smiley faces and dinner ready when we arrived.  She also had presents for both John and I on our bed.  She definitely went out of her way to make our stay here absolutely perfect!  Thanks Mon! You could  have not been better- and tell Jon thanks too for all his hospitality as well.  Oh Colorado- As J said we had a blast- the incline kicked my butt.  We did tons of hiking and doing everything outdoor we could since we could stay outside longer with the mild weather.  Highlight of our trip here besides Monica, SKYDIVING!! It was amazing and spectacular, and thrilling, and I could go on and on.  Please if you had not done it, do it or at least consider it.  I wish I had more money so I could do it all the time.  What a job the instructors have.  I wish I could start every day jumping out of a plane….  Now we are off to visit J’s uncle just west of Denver.

Oh and how could I forget.  J lost the bet- J bet in Feb that he could drink one yard of beer before Mon and I could split one.  I must admit he had half of it down in a matter of minutes but that second half kicked his butt. The girls won 🙂 and got t shirts in return.  Thanks J!!

Spelunking in Carlsbad Caverns

Aftermath of wildfires

J chillin at White Sands

Sledding down the dunes

Running around barefoot in White Sounds National Monument.

Our close encounter of the 3rd kind in Roswell, NM.

 J on the incline

About half way up the incline...

Drive up to Pikes Peak-- "Real men don't need guardrails"

Top of Pikes Peak

View from the Top

Pit Stop on the drive down

Climbing at the Garden of the Gods

J's Artwork 🙂 at Red Canyon

After Skydiving, we survived!

Bridge Across Royal Gorge

Celebrating our vitality at the Golden Bee. Beer please!!


I am thinking we should have evolved from birds!!


Mullah Gee got in on the action too!

One response to “New Mexico and Colorado

  1. Hi Guys,
    It was great to meet you both tonight with Jerry at the get together of old volunteer friends. It was nice getting to visit with you both and I will follow your travels on the blog. Wish you great success and happiness in the trip and all you do! And by the way, thank you both for your military service to the country!
    Best regards,
    Rick Moody

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