He Says: After enjoying everything that Miami had to offer (which wasn’t much) we got the hell out of dodge and booked to Orlando to be a kid again. We got a good deal at the Wyndam resort right outside of Downtown Disney and enjoyed our first nice hotel of the trip. Our first day there we just lounged at the pool and enjoyed a nice big bed and air conditioning. Over the next few days we hit Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. We skipped Animal Kingdom and from what I’ve heard we didn’t miss much. I think we’re both happy with how it turned out. We rode as many of the attractions as possible and enjoyed them all. “It’s A Small World” is still a classic and “Tower of Terror” and “Rock n’ Roller Coaster” were both good new ones. We didn’t get to do the teacups because TB didn’t think her stomach could handle it. Maybe next time. 🙂

Overall, Disney was a blast….except for the swarms of strollers rolling around, but I’ll let TB talk about that. 🙂


She Says: Okay about the strollers…First, there were more strollers than cars there!  Second, I just do not see the point in taking your kids to Disney when they are still in strollers.  I remember nothing from my years of when I rode around in a stroll so I find it hard to understand why you would be willing to pay $80/day for kids that aren’t going to remember it anyways. Disney isn’t cheap people.  You are probably going to have to take them again because they won’t remember the first trip.  Plus my heels and ankles– I know you try to pay attention but with that many people, strollers and kids, how can you!!??  Okay enough about stroller world.

Disney was great.  It had been 20 years since I had been. I was 8, out of a stroller and yes I remember it ;).  Okay last dig on the strollers I promise.  J and I had a plan of getting there, riding the major attractions then lolly gaggin around the rest of the day.  It worked well. We didn’t have to wait longer than 30 mins for anything.  The hotel was nice!! It was nice to finally relax in a big comfy bed and cold room.   One tip of advice– be sure you bring snacks– the snacks there are very decadent and hard to refuse hungry 😉 oh and one more… bring your children when they are out of strollers!


New job - Astronaut

According to Spaceship Earth, our future will look something like the Jetsons with solar-powered flying vehicles and robot dogs that help with chores. I'm in.


Being a kid again. 🙂


Tower of Terror!

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