Biltmore Estate, NC

She Says:  John is bugging me about catching up the blog since we are still a day behind where we really are.   I am not going to comment much about Biltmore so I can get this post posted.  But could you imagine being a little kid and playing hide-n-go-seek in a 31 bedroom, 43 bath, 2.4 million sq/ft house.  Enough said!

The house, I mean mansion, uh castle??

The gardens.

2 responses to “Biltmore Estate, NC

  1. Hi Tami and John,
    Hope you are enjoying your trip.The Biltmore is awesome.We really enjoyed it.Stay safe and have a great trip.
    Sue Cleland

  2. Looks like an amazing adventure! Enjoy while your young 😉 I love saying I’ve been there before looking at each post!

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