Columbia NC-Charleston, NC and Savannah, Ga

She says:  So after we left the small quaint town of Hendersonville, which we loved…we packed up and headed off towards Columbia to visit John’s family.  We got there early afternoon and spent the day catching up.  Later we went out to dinner and I had the most delicious chicken sandwich EVER!! It was a place in 5 pts called Pawley’s Porch.  It was a chicken breast with pepper jack cheese, pineapple, avocado, and jalepeno mayo, mmmmm.  After a great dinner we went back and sat on their lovely outdoor patio for some wine and good conversation.  It was a great evening.  Thanks Kathy, Ron and Jordan for making our stay so enjoyable!

Charleston was quaint and we had a beautiful day to walk around the market, coast and cobblestone roads.  We got thirsty so we stopped and had a beer at a nice little place on the water.  Well I had a beer, J had a John Daly which has become his new favorite drink.  It’s ice tea flavored vodka mixed with lemonade and served on the rocks.  It is pretty good.  After a day in Charleston we headed to Savannah where we had dinner then found a rest stop to sleep for the evening.

He Said: The drive on our way to Columbia was beautiful. We came through the mountains and enjoyed some spectacular views. We caught up with my aunt, uncle and cousin (congrats on graduating, Jordan!), first at Pawley’s in downtown Columbia (great sandwiches), then back at their place where we talked for hours and drank plenty of wine. Always great to see the family. 🙂 The next day we stopped in Charleston and Savannah but flew through them pretty quickly. Probably a little too quickly. Drinking my John Daly on the ocean was definitely a highlight. I think I’ll be doing that many more times on this trip. 🙂 It was great driving around in Savannah, enjoying the sites and getting some good food in their historic district. We had good music, good conversation and enjoyed some local entertainment (a bum crying “Assault!” and shouting at security when they removed him from the premises).

We need to slow down! I think we still feel the need to keep moving, moving, moving. Gotta figure out how to stop and enjoy things a little more. But no worries, there’s plenty of road left. 🙂

On our way to Charleston!

Little place on the water we stopped for a beer.

Ahhh, refreshing!

Vacation home perhaps??

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