Inside Mammoth Caves

She Says:  We woke up bright and early after our first day of camping.  The bed ended up being pretty comfortable, at least for me.  This is one of those moments when being short pays off.  Sorry J.  We did Insanity.  We are trying to stay in shape while on this trip.  Insanity is insane.  I know many of you reading this are doing it as well.  Holy hell.. anyways we felt good afterwards despite the fact we had to do a baby wipe bath opposed to a shower :(.   This is where being of the male gender is a plus (Not much hair).  My hair gets greasy if I don’t wash it.  After that we were off to the caves.  J was wearing only a t-shirt and shorts.  On our way to the  cave I told him he would probably be cold.  He confidently replies to me “The caves are warmer than outside because they are under the ground and capture heat.” I said I don’t think that is true, I am pretty sure they stay cooler than outside.  We got there and it was about a 15 degrees difference. Cooler… 🙂  He maintained, he is hot blooded.  The cave was pretty awesome.  There were actually a lot of steps, ducking, and tight squeezes.  I was amazed at all the older people on the tour and how well they were doing.  J didn’t care for the tour guide.  She was a little flamboyant and had a lot of inflections in her speech.  He stayed toward the back.  I have noticed he has a lot of judgments towards women lately.  Most of them annoy him.  Every time we watch HGTV he gets annoyed with the women on the shows.  I already felt lucky to have him, now I feel even luckier.  After the caves we loaded up and headed towards Asheville, NC.  Sun was shining- we were in a good mood.  Finally, no rain!!

He Says: First, I want to say I’m glad we’re all still alive and the world didn’t end yesterday as predicted. Still wondering what that guy is going to do with his RV.

Mammoth Cave wasn’t bad. Yes baby, you were right, the caves were cold. We managed to enjoy ourselves despite the chilly air and squeaky tour guide. Wish we would’ve gone down a cave with all those crazy stalactites and stalagmites but it was still cool (literally) to go 352 feet below the surface and watch fat people squeeze through tiny crevices. 🙂

Ashville and Hendersonville, NC were both a great time. They both had good music scenes and excellent mom-n-pop shops. Hendersonville will definitely be added to the list of possible places to settle. We didn’t get to spend as much time there as we would’ve liked but had a good time nonetheless.

PS….I’ve never watched Property Virgins or House Hunters on HGTV. I have no idea what you’re talking about so don’t ever bring it up again. 🙂

Mullah chillin in the cave

Watch your step..

I was behind a skinny guy, not nearly as entertaining as it could have been.

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