Sin City

She says:  Let’s see.  We arrived into Sin City around 1pm.  The check in line to our hotel was ridiculous!  We stayed at the Excalibur which is located at the Southern end of the strip.  We finally got checked in and decided to grab lunch.  We were supposed to get 2 free buffets with our package, however, we did not receive the vouchers upon check in.  We went back down and refused to wait in the line again so we went to the check “out” line.  The girl checked our reservation and apparently we did not book that package.  This is what happens when you leave the reservations to the men… haha jk baby I love you!!  The girl was able to give us the vouchers at no additional cost.  Whoo hoo!  Those buffets can be expensive.  We went straight to the buffet.  After the buffet we showered.  It had been a couple days — we had been baby wiping the whole time so the shower felt wonderful.  After we were all cleaned up we went downstairs, got some show tickets, and headed for the strip.

It was humid in Vegas??  What the heck!!?? I thought it was only dry heat in the desert.  Hmm guess we will be spending most of our time inside.  And we did 🙂  We went to Zumanity that night.  It was a great show and I recommend it to anyone going to vegas.  It was a sexual comedy performed by cirque du solei.  If you like sex, comedy or cirque du solei– you will love it!  After that we were pretty much at the tables.  I was initially up the first night and thought I was going to make some money on this trip.  Ha HA, yeah…no.  Didn’t happen.  I lost money just like 97% of the other people there.  At least I didn’t lose as much as J.  🙂

It was a good trip but I prefer the National Parks.  I was having a hard time with the smoke in the casinos.  I prefer the fresh Mountain air.  I will probably be back.  Vegas has a tantalizing effect ( You have to like it and you MUST return)..weird.

He Says: Vegas is tantalizing to say the least. It’s like New Orleans on crack, literally. The lights, the people, the gambling, the shows, the drinks….you never want to go to sleep. Which we tried not to do. We stayed up until 5am our second night and until about 2 the third night. Most of that time was spent donating our money to the casino but it was worth it. I found out by the last night that playing poker with semi-professionals isn’t the way to come out ahead. It’s roulette! No, I didn’t come out ahead but I was a lot closer playing roulette than playing poker. Lesson learned. 🙂

When we weren’t giving back to the community we were watching the shows, Zumanity and Criss Angel: Believe. Zumanity was great and worth every penny. Acrobats, contortionists, comedy and nudity. A circus show can’t get much better. The Criss Angel show was another story. Nothing like you see on his TV show. It was basically a high school magic show with pyrotechnics and strobe lighting. Save your money or go see David Copperfield.

Like TB I prefer fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery to smokey casinos and streets filled with prostitute solicitors. Having said that, there’s something magnetic about Vegas and I’ll definitely be back to donate more of my money. 🙂

Just Arrived!


A must see

Our humble abode 😉

Celebrity spotting...

The Strip

Out and about

J and Mullah hangin with the Blue Man Group

Bellagio Fountains

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